Ratan Tata Speaks Out (123 Trilogy Part 2)

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Echo­ing the sen­ti­ments and thoughts expressed by K. Sub­rah­manyam as I’d writ­ten ear­li­er about, it is now the turn of Ratan Tata to speak out about the sig­nif­i­cance of the Indo-US nuclear deal and what may be the impli­ca­tions if we back out. Again, in an inter­view with Karan Tha­par, Tata says:ratan

Call­ing the India-US civ­il nuclear deal “the best pos­si­ble thing that has hap­pened to India”, not­ed indus­tri­al­ist Ratan Tata has warned that polit­i­cal uncer­tain­ty caused by oppo­si­tion to the pact could adverse­ly impact the country’s growth.

I’m very, very sor­ry that on var­i­ous issues this is being belea­guered. I real­ly believe that if it doesn’t hap­pen the only peo­ple who would be hap­py and ben­e­fit by it not hap­pen­ing will be the peo­ple of Pak­istan and the peo­ple of Chi­na.”

Again, echo­ing what I’d ear­li­er writ­ten about how FDI will be impact­ed:

Tata also felt that the deal not going through would also impact the inflows of for­eign direct invest­ment. “I think it could, because I think there would be reper­cus­sions and there would be reac­tions.”

He’s one of India’s fore­most indus­tri­al­ists who’s actu­al­ly try­ing to invest cap­i­tal into West Ben­gal. What does he think of the Left?

Tata also felt that the time had come for the Left par­ties to rethink their age-old strate­gies, giv­en the influ­ence they have over eco­nom­ic pol­i­cy, reforms in labor laws and for­eign invest­ment as well as over­all growth.

Today we have to rein­vent our­selves con­stant­ly. Reli­gions rein­vent them­selves, the Sovi­et Union rein­vent­ed itself, Chi­na rein­vent­ed itself eco­nom­i­cal­ly. The time has come when we need to re-look at ide­olo­gies, re-look at past lega­cy and ask our­selves is that rel­e­vant today.”

I think more and more influ­en­tial Indi­ans should speak out pub­licly about this issue. Indus­tri­al­ists, Bol­ly­wood, artists, lit­ter­a­teurs, his­to­ri­ans, any­one whose voice will be heard by the Indi­an pub­lic.

I’m com­plete­ly with Ravi Srini­vasan of the Hin­dus­tan Times on this issue:

Amidst all the sound and fury of the ‘debate’ over the Indo-US nuclear deal, one sec­tion of opin­ion has been con­spic­u­ous by its silence: India Inc.

Which is a great pity, because cor­po­rate India has the abil­i­ty and the resources to not only engage con­struc­tive­ly in the dis­cus­sion, but bring some much need­ed ratio­nal­i­ty and grav­i­tas to the cur­rent babel of ide­o­log­i­cal oppor­tunism and jin­go­is­tic pos­tur­ing which is pass­ing for ‘debate’ on this crit­i­cal issue. As the prin­ci­pal financiers of both the polit­i­cal process and indi­vid­ual play­ers, they also have the nec­es­sary lever­age. Which they are not using.

The Left is plan­ning a nation­wide protest cam­paign on the streets against the nuclear deal. The peo­ple who’re going to protest are obvi­ous­ly going to be pawns in their polit­i­cal gangs, who do not under­stand the issue at all. It is only if famous and pop­u­lar Indi­an per­son­al­i­ties speak out, will the Left’s protest be neu­tral­ized.

You have to admit how clever Chi­na is! Do you want to destroy a country’s eco­nom­ic ambi­tions? Do you fear the inter­na­tion­al reper­cus­sions if you open­ly wage a war? Have you won­dered why there is no com­mu­nist Left in Pak­istan, a coun­try Chi­na heav­i­ly invests in? Wel­come to the as-yet-undis­cov­ered method of wag­ing war: com­mu­nism. Sim­ply fund and inspire a com­mu­nist group in your ene­my nation, and then sit back, relax, and glee!

Pho­to Cred­it: BBC/AFP

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  • Anoth­er good post!
    Remem­ber how the Left was heel bent on not allow­ing com­put­er­i­za­tion on the pre­text that mil­lions of jobs would be lost to it? Just goes to show how big and right their vision is!

  • Appar­ent­ly the com­mies in West Ben­gal are dif­fer­ent from the nation­al com­mies. The West Ben­gal left­ists com­pete for cap­i­tal­ist invest­ments, use stealth tac­tics to snatch deals from snoozed states like Maha­rash­tra and secret­ly sell farm­ers’ land. This behav­ior is rad­i­cal­ly oppo­site from what the nation­al com­mu­nist lead­ers make noise about.

    I often won­der. Do peo­ple of Ben­gal vote the Left­ists because they are Left­ists? or just because its an elec­tion sym­bol they are famil­iar with?? I would think its the lat­er.

  • Priyank: I also used to crit­i­cize this hypocrisy of the Left’s tac­tics in West Ben­gal ver­sus those in Del­hi. Now I sus­pect how much of it is because of Bud­dhadeb Bhat­tachar­jee and how much of it is tru­ly inten­tion­al hypocrisy. I don’t know myself as I’m not an expert on the Left! 😉

    Why peo­ple of Ben­gal vote for the Left? (famil­iar elec­tion sym­bol — ha ha ha!) For an insight, see Rambodoc’s com­ments on my pre­vi­ous post on 1–2-3.

  • hi,
    real­ly nice one!