Fork Spoon Puzzle Solution

Here’s the solution to the Fork Spoon Puzzle.

180px-Hooked1. Hook the fork and spoon together, such that the outer prongs are on the outside of the spoon, while the inner prongs are on the inside. Make sure the interlocking is firm. They should now be like a single, boomerang shaped object. 180px-BurntEnds

2. Insert the matchstick from the center of the fork prongs. Position it so that it also touches the spoon’s edge.

3. Balance the fork-spoon object by placing the matchstick on the edge of the glass.

4. If you’re showing this off to your friends, you can also burn the ends of the matchstick for added effect!

Here’s the YouTube video:

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  • neat – weight of the glass balanced against the weight of spoon+fork! The best I could do was guess that somehow the spoon and the fork had to be “locked” in the solution – but couldnt get much beyond that

  • Ummm…to be more precise: the center of gravity of the ‘combined object’ lies exactly at the point where the matchstick is placed on the glass!

    Hope you had fun discovering the solution, if not while trying it yourself! 🙂

  • I tried this and it turns out that the spoon I used is substantially heavier than the fork, and thus could never get the matchstick at the CoG.

  • I still don’t understand how this is possible, because there has to be (inside the edge of the glass) some weight counter-balancing the weight of the fork and spoon. I always had just enough brains to know not to go anywhere near Maths-Physics-Engineering stuff, and thus, rightly, became a surgeon, the last refuge of a brain-damaged youth. 🙂

  • Ashok – I had the same problem, so I had to use 2 matchsticks 🙁

  • Ashok/Priyank: if you tried this exactly, and it wouldn’t work just because the spoon was much heavier, you actually solved the puzzle!

  • Alright, this nails it. You now officially have too much time on your hands.