Fork Spoon Puzzle Solution

Here’s the solu­tion to the Fork Spoon Puz­zle.

180px-Hooked1. Hook the fork and spoon togeth­er, such that the out­er prongs are on the out­side of the spoon, while the inner prongs are on the inside. Make sure the inter­lock­ing is firm. They should now be like a sin­gle, boomerang shaped object. 180px-BurntEnds

2. Insert the match­stick from the cen­ter of the fork prongs. Posi­tion it so that it also touch­es the spoon’s edge.

3. Bal­ance the fork-spoon object by plac­ing the match­stick on the edge of the glass.

4. If you’re show­ing this off to your friends, you can also burn the ends of the match­stick for added effect!

Here’s the YouTube video:

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  • neat — weight of the glass bal­anced against the weight of spoon+fork! The best I could do was guess that some­how the spoon and the fork had to be “locked” in the solu­tion — but could­nt get much beyond that

  • Ummm…to be more pre­cise: the cen­ter of grav­i­ty of the ‘com­bined object’ lies exact­ly at the point where the match­stick is placed on the glass!

    Hope you had fun dis­cov­er­ing the solu­tion, if not while try­ing it your­self! 🙂

  • I tried this and it turns out that the spoon I used is sub­stan­tial­ly heav­ier than the fork, and thus could nev­er get the match­stick at the CoG.

  • I still don’t under­stand how this is pos­si­ble, because there has to be (inside the edge of the glass) some weight counter-bal­anc­ing the weight of the fork and spoon. I always had just enough brains to know not to go any­where near Maths-Physics-Engi­neer­ing stuff, and thus, right­ly, became a sur­geon, the last refuge of a brain-dam­aged youth. 🙂

  • Ashok — I had the same prob­lem, so I had to use 2 match­sticks 🙁

  • Ashok/Priyank: if you tried this exact­ly, and it wouldn’t work just because the spoon was much heav­ier, you actu­al­ly solved the puz­zle!

  • Alright, this nails it. You now offi­cial­ly have too much time on your hands.