To My Readers

There was once a Ram­bodoc
Who twist­ed word and mind
Along came An Unqui­et Mind
And soon they were one of a kind

Not for­get­ting her­self, Aika­ter­ine joined
Oemar’s ran­dom mus­ings entwined
Thiru was perched on a spot
No won­der as he was on blogspot

Priyank was fly­ing in the cloud
While Arun thought out loud
Sree’s views, and Nita with her wide angle view
Brought many top­ics in everyone’s purview

Pre­rna loved life and explored
While we all many times deplored
The numer­ous human gaffes
Using philos(ophy) in Paul’s Cafe

Mon­day Morn­ing Pow­er had an atti­tude
Not unlike Har­sha, the gen­tle dude
Ergo with rea­son as his lead­ing motive
Held his blog read­ers cap­tive

On top of all this assort­ed mix
Was Krish Ashok, a lover of Aster­ix
Dress­ing it all up with sal­sa
Using his inim­itable Jal­sa

This eclec­tic mix of char­ac­ters
Reminds me of Lagaan
And that’s why on Inde­pen­dence Day
I say, Mera Blo­gos­phere Mahaan!

(PS: For ben­e­fit of non-Indi­ans, Mera Blo­gos­phere Mahaan means My Blo­gos­phere is Great!)

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  • Ah! It was worth the wait of the last few days!

  • I just dropped by to wish you a hap­py Inde­pen­dence Day, and now I feel so hon­ored for your men­tion of me. Thank you so much!

  • Mahen­dra -

    I am snap­ping my fin­gers in true jazz-poet­ry cafe applause style. That was great.

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  • Hey I dropped by to see for any Inde­pen­dence day spe­cial. Wow… you have come up with a uni­ty in diver­si­ty kind of piece. Thats a nice one for the spe­cial day!

  • you are full of sur­pris­es… beau­ti­ful and cre­ative… and “Thank You”

  • Hey, thanks to you, I have start­ed vis­it­ing your oth­er vis­i­tors’ blogs too. I agree its strange, and I am quite new to it! The com­po­si­tion gets an A+ (since there is no grade above that)

  • I echo oemar — beau­ti­ful and cre­ative are indeed the words that occur to me now. But then I echo aika­ter­ine too — this is indeed a jazzy poem. Thanks!

    PS: When I com­ment in your blog, I notice that there is an emp­ty-line/­space on top of the com­ment when it appears. But it is not there in the text-box I am typ­ing the com­ment in now. It is also not there in the com­ments from oth­ers. I won­der why?

  • Well thank you Mahen­dra for the men­tion. Now I am think­ing we are get­ting into some sort of clique, the kind Gabriel had men­tioned!

  • Thank you for the link to my blog! You’ve made my day with that and your men­tion of me in your poem! I feel so hon­ored.

  • Stern Teacher: Poet­ry? The boy wants to write poet­ry (deri­sive laugh­ter)
    Boy: You bet I do, and Ill post it on my blog, Ill even make fun of you.
    Stern Teacher: (tak­ing cane out to beat boy’s open palms)
    Boy: My friends will cap­ture that on their mobile phones, post it on youtube and digg it. You will be toast if you even think about mind­less vio­lence in the class­room
    Stern Teacher: (stunned into silence)

    We don’t need no edu­ca­tion
    We don’t need no thought con­trol
    No drea­ry I-day speech­es on TV,
    all I want is mahendra’s poet­ry

    All in all, we’re just..
    Blog­gers hav­ing a ball

  • Krish,
    Great going!
    What is this turn­ing out to be: a Lost Poets’ Soci­ety?

  • Thanks a lot. I feel hon­oured that you men­tioned me in your poem.

  • Hey, that’s a love­ly, fun poem. I appre­ci­ate your words. 🙂

  • To all my read­ers: (well, not all, Sree didn’t respond at all. Har­sha respond­ed not through com­ments but over chat say­ing he hadn’t seen any­thing like this poem before): thank you very much! Oth­er than that, I’m hon­ored that every­one else respond­ed in the com­ments!

    The thought behind this poem orig­i­nat­ed with the thought of what could I do dif­fer­ent­ly for Inde­pen­dence Day? And I’m glad all you folks liked it so much.

    If some of you may have seen it in our inter­ac­tions so far, I like to bring peo­ple togeth­er. The ‘uni­ty in diver­si­ty’ thing that Thiru men­tioned above is exem­plary of what I try to do. Aikaterene has referred to it in her com­ments on my blog before. That’s what I feel hon­ored about, to all of you. All of you gra­cious read­ers, give me the oppor­tu­ni­ty to bring oth­er­wise non-like-mind­ed peo­ple clos­er togeth­er, and there­in lies the great­est joy!

    Once again, thanks so much for appre­ci­at­ing the poem that is ded­i­cat­ed to all of you! Cheers!