Meaning of freedom

Imag­ine not being able to:

  • Study Wikipedia
  • Read news sources like BBC, New York Times, Wash­ing­ton Post, Econ­o­mist
  • Ref­er­ence the Inter­net Movie Data­base (IMDB)
  • Use MySpace, YouTube, Digg, or Orkut
  • View pic­tures on Flickr
  • Read blogs on Word­Press, Live­Jour­nal, or Blogspot
  • Access sites of Microsoft, Apple, Hot­mail, AOL, Yahoo

This would be your world if you were a Chi­nese cit­i­zen.

We all know about the Great Fire­wall of Chi­na. Take a moment and real­ly think about how we take our free­dom for grant­ed. Think about what is meant by indi­vid­ual rights. And if you’re liv­ing in a democ­ra­cy, cher­ish it!

You can test if a par­tic­u­lar site is acces­si­ble from Chi­na or not using this online test­ing tool. No need to check your Word­Press, Live­Jour­nal, or Blogspot blog, since they’re all banned. Thanks to Oemar, from whose blog I found this test­ing tool.

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  • True, the lev­el of free­dom in Chi­na is pathet­ic, if at all exis­tant. I think the day com­mu­nism col­laps­es in Chi­na, the com­mon Chi­nese man will go mad look­ing at the hoard of infor­ma­tion in the out­side world. (Thanks for the ping­back)

  • I real­ly feel sor­ry for the Chinese.But the Indi­an Govt too tried its luck in ban­ning blogs, isnt it! Of course, there are ways to access all kinds of sites, even if they’re blocked. Thats’ how I access orkut form work 😀

  • Oemar: yes, they will sure­ly have a dif­fi­cult time with the infor­ma­tion over­load! In fact, the sub­ject of how Chi­na will migrate to a democ­ra­cy is a big one, with even entire books being writ­ten about it.

    Har­sha: yes, Indi­an Govt tried and see what hap­pened in demo­c­ra­t­ic India!

  • It make me feel sad to think of all of the “free” peo­ple in this world that so take their free­dom for grant­ed and even put shack­les on them­selves by act­ing as vic­tims.

  • I feel that the con­cept here is so impor­tant that I ded­i­cat­ed a post on my site to this post.

  • Mahen­dra,

    I was wrong when I said that this post is out­side of my focus; this is right in line with my focus, because you just described one of my def­i­n­i­tions of hap­pi­ness; to focus on what you have instead of what you do not have.

    Thank you!

  • 🙂 Thank you!

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