Jaadu ki Jappi’ prevents robbery

After the Munnab­hai style Gand­hi­giri worked in the case of Amer­i­can green card seek­ers, his “mag­ic hug” resolved anoth­er prob­lem (thanks to GF’s blog):

The Wash­ing­ton Post reports:

It start­ed about mid­night on June 16 when a group of friends was fin­ish­ing a din­ner of mar­i­nat­ed steaks and jum­bo shrimp on the back patio of a Dis­trict of Colum­bia home. That’s when a hood­ed man slid through an open gate and point­ed a hand­gun at the head of a 14-year-old girl.

Give me your mon­ey, or I’ll start shoot­ing,” he said. Every­one froze, includ­ing the girl’s par­ents. Then one guest spoke.

We were just fin­ish­ing din­ner,” Cristi­na Rowan, 43, told the man. “Why don’t you have a glass of wine with us?” The intrud­er had a sip of their Chateau Male­scot St-Exu­pery and said, “Damn, that’s good wine.”

The girl’s father, Michael Rab­dau, 51, told the intrud­er to take the whole glass, and Rowan offered him the whole bot­tle. The rob­ber, with his hood down, took anoth­er sip and a bite of Camem­bert cheese. He put the gun in his sweat­pants.

The sto­ry then turns even more bizarre.

I think I may have come to the wrong house,” he said before apol­o­giz­ing. “Can I get a hug?”

Rowan stood up and wrapped her arms around the armed man. The four oth­er guests fol­lowed.

Can we have a group hug?” the man asked. The five adults com­plied.

The man walked away a few moments lat­er with the crys­tal wine glass in hand. Noth­ing was stolen, and no one was hurt.

Once he was gone, the group walked into the house, locked the door and stared at each oth­er — speech­less. Police clas­si­fied the case as strange but true.

Bol­ly­wood is not so much “fan­ta­sy-world” after all! 🙂

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  • You left me a com­ment con­cern­ing your post called “A Real Amer­i­can Idol.” Can you give me the link, I can’t seem to find it.


  • Hi — sor­ry. My apolo­gies. As a rule, I try to avoid putting links to my post in my com­ments on oth­er blogs (as it’s some­times frowned upon as ‘plug­ging’), and I thought you could eas­i­ly find it in the “US” cat­e­go­ry of my blog. Any­way, here’s the link: http://skeptic.skepticgeek.com/2007/05/31/whos-the-real-american-idol/

  • Sere

    WOAH!!! I can’t believe this kind of thing hap­pened!!! But I sure am glad that it was the case instead of some­thing much worse! Well, well!! Bol­ly­wood seems to give good ideas too once in a while lol.