In a Galaxy, Far, Far, Away…

Here’s Indian President Kalam in a nice capture (photo credit BBC-AFP).


I invite readers to name the caption for this photograph in the context of the current presidential polls.

<Note: neither has this invitation expired, nor does this have any national limitations. Imagine your country’s president with
this look on his face when he’s about to retire?>

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  • ISRO Calling…back

    “Now that I’m leaving Rashtrapati Bhavan… I can do something that will really make the difference”

  • Sigh. Ill miss the roses.

  • Fell like curling up in the noclear room with a rocket-and-atomato salad after opening up the locks.

  • Good ones, folks! Here’s mine: (Looking at the current nominees and the on-going mud-slinging):

    Sigh. What’s going to happen to this country?

  • Mission Vision 2020 aborted…… (Dr.Kalam has specified that he felt bad when his hovercraft project was aborted, seems to be the same here…..)