M. C. Escher in Lego?!

OK, here’s some­thing that I believe should get you folks real­ly curi­ous: you all know about M. C. Esch­er, so I needn’t say more.Drawing Hands  Folks like me, we sim­ply read books on Esch­er to pon­tif­i­cate on the myr­i­ad artis­tic and philo­soph­i­cal impli­ca­tions of the draw­ings.

When Krish Ashok gets into his inim­itable style of recur­sive loops (see one of his com­ments, for exam­ple), folks like me sim­ply rem­i­nisce about Escher’s Draw­ing Hands.

But how does one trans­form Escher’s imag­i­na­tive-and-impos­si­ble draw­ings into 3D real­i­ty?

Andrew Lip­son has used Lego in exact­ly such a cre­ative fash­ion to make 3D mod­els of Escher’s works, includ­ing ‘Bal­cony’, ‘Ascend­ing and Descend­ing’, and ‘Water­fall’.

There’s of course a gim­mick involved, but its worth a study. Though his work has been Digged, Boinged, etc., there were URL changes and so on, so here’s anoth­er fresh look for us new­bies.

Image copy­right World Of Esch­er.

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  • What are the chances of 2 peo­ple who love Mozart, love Aster­ix and admire MC Esch­er, meet­ing each oth­er? 10 years ago — zilch. Now — 100% it would seem.

    I love Esch­er. I have about 5 of his large size prints (Water­fall, Rel­a­tiv­i­ty, Ascend­ing and Descend­ing stair­case among oth­ers) that I framed and hung on my bed­room walls (that are inci­den­tal­ly wall­pa­pered pink and yel­low alter­na­tive­ly, just to keep things non-dull).

    If you like recur­sive loops, you must read Godel Esch­er and Bach by D Hof­s­tadter. Very enjoy­able to read. It was there that I found Bach’s Crab Canon, a bril­liant piece that involves 2 themes played for­ward and reverse simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, yet har­mo­niz­ing per­fect­ly.

  • Ashok: Yes, the blo­gos­phere is indeed great! If you talk about 10 years ago — what about the begin­ning of the Inter­net — in 1994, you know. What did that mean to all folks who were just read­ing books ensconced with­in their bed­rooms? The blo­gos­phere wasn’t there — there were just mail­ing lists. But, that deserves anoth­er post some­time.

    I envy you hav­ing these large size prints — wow! I got­ta vis­it your bed­room! 🙂

    Regard­ing GEB, I guess you haven’t read my post on Styles of Com­po­si­tion (http://skeptic.skepticgeek.com/2007/07/07/styles-of-composition-writing) — but I’ve to con­fess, the book has been too heavy for me to com­plete it.

    Now, I got­ta get that crab canon! 🙂

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