Thinking Blogger — Intellectual Blogger Award!

If you wish to read about The Intel­lec­tu­al Blog­ger Award — read my page on it. This blog post describes how the award came into exis­tence and the his­to­ry behind it (only if you’re real­ly inter­est­ed — it’s a long post; you’ve been warned).

Krish Ashok has been kind enough to tag me with the “Think­ing Blog­ger Award” lead­ing my brain’s CPU to more and more con­vo­lut­ed pro­cess­ing cycles. Being a new­bie blog­ger, with just about a 100 posts to his cred­it, I was, to say the least, flab­ber­gast­ed.

But the tag and the rules real­ly put me in think­ing mode. I’ll try to describe them chrono­log­i­cal­ly, i.e., as they entered my mind.

First, I was inspired to blog by my friend Asuph, who’s such a long time blog­ger that he seems to have over­grown the habit to quite an extent. I’d seen him get­ting this award, and saw whom he nom­i­nat­ed. All vet­er­an blog­gers. Sure­ly, if this is now com­ing to me, the cal­iber of the award itself must be dilut­ing over a peri­od of time?

That is to say, any award list that restricts itself to a cer­tain num­ber, would retain a cer­tain authen­tic­i­ty. What if the Nobel awards were being giv­en in this form — every­one who gets one, gets to award 5 oth­ers? Wouldn’t the cal­iber of the award degrade over time? Yes, def­i­nite­ly (what I think).

My con­clu­sion was that, yes, this will dilute the cal­iber of the awards to a great extent, but at the same time, it will enable those ‘nev­er-to-be-found-gems’ also gain the lime­light, cor­rect? I mean, in such a sce­nario, Ein­stein will get the Nobel prize not for the pho­to­elec­tric effect, but for the Gen­er­al The­o­ry of Rel­a­tiv­i­ty! So I resist­ed this oppo­si­tion in my mind.

Sec­ond, the descrip­tion of the award, the core if you may call it, says that this is all about ‘5 Blogs That Make Me Think’.

Well, there are a lot of blogs out there that make me think. For exam­ple:

  • Why did the blog­ger write this post?
  • Why did the blog­ger think that writ­ing this review (of book/music/movie/whatever) is worth­while spend­ing 30 min­utes of his/her time, and wast­ing 10–15 min­utes of my time, if ulti­mate­ly he/she thinks it is crap?
  • Why does the blog­ger think that dupli­cat­ing con­tent of what’s already being ‘logged’ — such as night show jokes, etc. would draw me to his/her blog?
  • Why are email for­wards turn­ing into blog posts?

So, there are a lot of blog­gers out there, who make me think. Is that real­ly the dri­ving prin­ci­ple behind this award? The award title is “Think­ing Blog­ger Award” and the descrip­tion is “5 Blogs That Make You Think”. IMHO, I think that itself is not con­sis­tent with the objec­tive — there are blogs that make you think, and those blogs do not nec­es­sar­i­ly denote blog­gers who you think are think­ing.

Again, I relent­ed. Dis­re­gard­ing the title and read­ing the con­tent of what the award-starter want­ed to start, I real­ized that this objec­tion is also not in the spir­it of the award. Now came the decid­ing ques­tion: Do I want to get along with the flow of the riv­er, or do some­thing about it to address these dis­crep­an­cies?

Like I’ve said in About Myself, I’m new to blog­ging and am afraid. But I’ve decid­ed to jump into the waters of the blo­gos­phere, and launch my own award. I won­dered about Indi­an­iz­ing the title for the award, such as “Guru Blog­ger”, but it seems too mediocre. Also, the award should be glob­al in its true spir­it. Thus, with no more fan­fare, I launch the “Intel­lec­tu­al Blog­ger Award”.

Update 13th July 2007: Restrict­ed top­ic strict­ly to blog­ging, and made a few clar­i­fi­ca­tions. I would be glad if any­one wish­es to con­tribute a small­er graph­ic for use with this award.

Update 18th July 2007: Added a small­er graph­ic, and increased the max­i­mum nom­i­na­tions from 3 to 5. Note that it is not nec­es­sary to tag 5 — you can tag only 1. Please use your dis­cre­tion. So that we may all enjoy qual­i­ty blogs!

Update 27th July 2007: Cre­at­ed a sep­a­rate page for the actu­al award, and edit­ed but retained this blog post for his­tor­i­cal rea­sons.

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  • Thanks Mahen­dra. do you know this is the first time that I have had an acknowl­edg­ment from any Indi­an blog­ger that my blog is good? I was not nom­i­nat­ed for the Blog­gy awards which are Indi­an. I had applied myself under ‘new blogs.’ Well, as I wasn’t even nom­i­nat­ed there was no ques­tion of win­ning. 🙂
    I have won a blog­ger award inter­na­tion­al­ly though, and that is the blog­ger of the day. I had applied for that.
    But after the blog­gy expe­ri­ence I decid­ed that its not worth it. For no rea­son one hopes and then the hopes are dashed. I am not pre­tend­ing that nom­i­na­tions don’t mat­ter to me, after all every­one wants recog­ni­tion. But now the desire for that has decreased and I am sat­is­fied with the fact that I have reg­u­lar read­ers. Its the com­ments I get that keep me going, that moti­vate me. And nom­i­na­tions are not that impor­tant.
    about nom­i­nat­ing oth­ers, yes, I shall def­i­nite­ly do it, maybe in 4–5 days.
    Thanks again.

  • Any kind of award both­ers me. Although awards, in gen­er­al, are sup­pose to be objec­tive, sub­jec­tiv­i­ty always creeps into it. Every blog­ger knows if they are being true to them­selves and bring­ing forth con­cepts, ideas and log­ic to their focus. I like your use of aggre­gaters as a sep­a­rate cat­e­go­ry from just recy­clers. The only true award is one that a blog­ger can bestow upon himself/herself for being true to them­selves and not using gim­micks to gain read­ers (as an unqui­et mind once told me.) And only he/she know if they are being true.

    My two bits.….….

  • Hi there!

    I’m sur­prised to see my blog linked here for the “Intel­lec­tu­al Blog­ger Award”. 🙂 I learned of this through my Blog Stats page.

    Thanks for the appre­ci­a­tion, sin­cere­ly. I’m not sure about how famil­iar you are with Rand’s phi­los­o­phy, but it is the phi­los­o­phy I live my life by–very com­pe­tent­ly and hap­pi­ly, may I add–and which is the guid­ing theme of prac­ti­cal­ly every arti­cle I write on my blog. Typ­i­cal­ly, my expe­ri­ence has been that any­thing relat­ed Ayn Rand is derid­ed and smeared out­right. Her ideas are still very rad­i­cal today. There­fore, I am very hap­py to receive your sup­port.

  • Yeah, I agree that sub­jec­tiv­i­ty takes over when it comes to eval­u­at­ing blogs! But I don’t mind that…as long as peo­ple don’t nom­i­nate their good friends! 🙂
    I know one blog­ger who uses many gim­micks and also pro­duces fan­tas­tic con­tent, but I agree that this com­bi­na­tion is not the norm. He calls him­self Engtech. He runs a very good blog…no this is not for the intel­lec­tu­al blog­ger award as I guess we are restrict­ing our­selves to Indi­an blog­gers.

  • Mon­day­Morn­ing­Pow­er: Thanks for the two bits! Sub­jec­tiv­i­ty is what brings rich­ness and diver­si­ty, right? And every­one who thinks, and takes the effort to write mean­ing­ful­ly, deserves a pat on the back! Last­ly, it is through such chains that we dis­cov­er rare gems!

    Ergo: I would say I’m an ama­teur with Objec­tivism. Please do take up this sup­port and extend it to oth­er blog­gers you think deserve it!

    Final­ly, Nita: no, we are not restrict­ing our­selves to Indi­an blog­gers. Sor­ry if I cre­at­ed that mis-impres­sion!

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  • Pad­mi­ni

    I think Nita deserves to be tagged for this award because she stim­u­lates the read­er into think­ing about issues which would nor­mal­ly not strike the aver­age per­son (me,for example).After read­ing some of her blogs,I fre­quent­ly tend to think through issues which would oth­er­wise nev­er occur to me in my rou­tine exis­tence. This, in my opin­ion, is what every good blog should do — which is, to awak­en the read­er from a mun­dane frame of mind into some attempt at crit­i­cal thinking.Way to go Nita, and all you great blog­gers!

  • Pad­mi­ni: thanks for sup­port­ing my nom­i­na­tion for Nita. You describe it very well — “awak­en the read­er from a mun­dane frame of mind into some attempt at crit­i­cal think­ing” — yes, I ful­ly agree! 🙂

  • btw I have put up that image of the Intel­lec­tu­al blog­ger award. I reduced it slight­ly though.
    btw, I got tagged for the think­ing blog­ger award but as you are already tagged for i won’t nom­i­nate you.

  • Nita — thanks for putting it up on your site. I noticed that it does not link to any­thing. It can link to your post on the award. Well, now I’ve cre­at­ed a sep­a­rate page for the award, which is not as long as this post. You can also update the link in your post to it if you like. Apolo­gies for the changes!

    I’ve also edit­ed this post to reflect the cre­ation of the new page. Hope this makes it more con­ve­nient and easy-to-fol­low. Final­ly, thanks for the small­er graphic…as you can see I’ve stolen it from you as anoth­er graph­ic for awardees to use! 🙂