Review and Rating for An Unquiet Mind

Thanks to James’ Mis­cel­lany Sym­po­sium, I dis­cov­ered a too-good-to-be-true blog called Let’s Talk About Blogs.

Like for all new endeav­ors, I’ve had my share of being ner­vous about it, won­der­ing and occa­sion­al­ly wor­ry­ing if I’m up to the task, and so on. An inde­pen­dent and objec­tive review by a real per­son would be great, right? Well that’s exact­ly what real­ly hap­pened. The blog has a “Request Review” link that you can choose to request a review of your blog.

I did that, and kept my fin­gers crossed. As a new­bie, I did well beyond my expec­ta­tions — I ‘scored’ an 8.5 out of 10! Read the review your­self and let me know what you think (Note: I’ve already made some changes to my side­bar based on the review feed­back).

Let’s Talk About Blogs Review Rating

I real­ly must thank Let’s Talk About Blogs for offer­ing this won­der­ful expert advice for free, espe­cial­ly for us new­bie blog­gers! To help pub­li­cize the blog, I’ve added the review rat­ing graph­ic to my side­bar.

More than the score, the review’s insight­ful points are worth not­ing. I’m already work­ing on the inputs, but have a way to go…

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  • I did spy that you had also had a review done. You beat me by half a mark too!! Aaar­rgh­hh. Just kid­ding, well deserved.

  • Not sur­pris­ing :). Ive tagged you for the Think­ing Blog­ger award, by the way.

  • Con­grats.… the review­er men­tions about ‘loy­al read­ers’. Won­der who he was refer­ring to.. 😉

  • Thanks, folks! I’m hon­ored by my elite read­er­ship…

    Ashok: you’ve real­ly put me into seri­ous think­ing mode…

  • M,
    I sec­ond the review: could have spared you the trou­ble if you had just asked me for the diag­no­sis. No surgery need­ed! Just an occa­sion­al pop of lit­er­ary Via­gra which I will pro­vide! 🙂
    Seri­ous­ly now, you and Krish are intro­duc­ing me to some great thought-parks that are SO pleas­ant and refresh­ing. Can’t thank you enough, actu­al­ly!
    Any of this crowd pops into Kolkata, din­ner is on me (if I get time out from your blog, that is!;-)).

  • Con­grats for the good rat­ing Mahen­dra! When I start­ed out 7 months ago I too start­ed off with this theme and since then have been try­ing out var­i­ous themes but am not total­ly sat­is­fied even now.
    I agree with the review­er that you have a very read­able blog, which isn’t that com­mon. Most­ly peo­ple write ram­bling, per­son­al stuff which I find dif­fi­cult to read or relate to.
    You write well too. Fel­low Punekar after all. 🙂

  • Hey, once again, I’m too hum­bled by my ‘loy­al read­er­ship’! Thanks much for the com­ments.

    Ramana: Your offer is so tempt­ing that I’m now seri­ous­ly plan­ning a trip to Kolkata!

    Nita: When you wrote your first screen­play at 13, I was prob­a­bly just doo­dling. Your com­ments are a great inspi­ra­tion. Many thanks. I wish you host your own site where you can choose your own tem­plate.

    BTW, I’m orig­i­nal­ly a Mum­baite (born-‘n-brought-up and spent 30 years in Mum­bai) before shift­ing to Pune in 1997. Prob­a­bly exact­ly the reverse of you!

  • Well, you are Punekar now. 🙂
    And the only rea­son I have not shift­ed on to my own tem­plate is because I am quite clue­less about tech­ni­cal things. I took quite some time to famil­iarise myself with the way word­press works. I didn’t even know how to load images, and I wasn’t sure how to work with code, links etc. Slow­ly I fig­ured it all out but even now I know just the basics. html and css and all that is quite beyond me.
    So that is why I am at this free word­press blog thing. I am not sure I want to spend huge amounts of mon­ey on hir­ing design­ers, tech­ni­cal peo­ple etc.