Pune’s E-Governance Initiatives

Is Pune liv­ing up to its claim of being the “IT hub of Maha­rash­tra”? At least some ini­tia­tives point in that direc­tion.

Better Roads in Monsoon

Pune is noto­ri­ous for its bad roads, and the mon­soon sea­son is pure night­mare. Both the PMC and the IT geeks-based “Bet­ter Roads Group” have teamed up to make this mon­soon a dif­fer­ent sto­ry:

For this, the PMC ensured that roads were repaired before the rain and even set up a mon­soon helpline for cit­i­zens to reg­is­ter their com­plaints about pot­holes, water­log­ging and choked drains. The PMC also gave the cell­phone num­bers of all 14 ward offi­cers so that com­plaints could be sent through SMS.

To give this idea a big push, the civic body has roped in a group of young tech­nocrats work­ing for Bet­ter Roads Group, to mon­i­tor the oper­a­tions of the helpline. The group will ini­ti­ate imme­di­ate action on the com­plaints received through SMS.

Appaled by the con­di­tion of roads last year, the group decid­ed to do some­thing con­crete, said Amit Kadam, who works for Per­sis­tent Tech­nolo­gies. The group had also filed a pub­lic inter­est lit­i­ga­tion last year in the Bom­bay High Court on the bad con­di­tion of the city’s roads.

To reg­is­ter a pot­hole / man­hole / water log­ging prob­lem: Call Mon­soon Helpline at 2444 5555.

Civic Complaints via SMS

Cit­i­zens will now be able to reg­is­ter their civic-relat­ed com­plaints just by send­ing SMSes to their local ward offi­cer, ward med­ical offi­cer, med­ical inspec­tor, deputy city engi­neers or junior engi­neers.

Com­plaints per­tain­ing to prob­lems like irreg­u­lar water sup­ply, breach in pipelines, pot­holes, bro­ken foot­paths, uneven lids on man­holes, garbage clear­ance, ille­gal hawk­ers, clean­li­ness of pub­lic areas and street lights can be made by cit­i­zens.

You can view the mobile phone num­bers of the ward offi­cers at PMC’s E-Gov­er­nance Web­site.

Complaints Website

Pune Munic­i­pal Cor­po­ra­tion (PMC) has also tied up with the Cit­i­zen Empow­er­ment Forum to reg­is­ter their com­plaint through the Inter­net.

The sys­tem would enable the cit­i­zens to file their com­plaint online and the com­plainant can check the sta­tus of the com­plaint on the net.

Vis­it Cit­i­zen Empow­er­ment Forum’s site to lodge com­plaints.

Well, so many ini­tia­tives — it remains to be seen how effec­tive they real­ly turn out to be. But at least, it’s a start!

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    A trans­former pole is erect­ed some time back oppo­site Ambed­kar chouk, Gaik­wad Nagar, Aun­dh Pune — between Tele­phone Exchange to Medi­point Hos­pi­tal road. The trans­former is in the cen­tre of this road and there­fore is a major obstruc­tion to this road traf­fic.

    The under­signed is not aware of the tech­ni­cal­i­ties in remov­ing / shift­ing of this pole. But it felt that the shift­ing of this pole will help in improv­ing heavy traf­fic move­ment.

    This sug­ges­tion / point has also been giv­en to Shri. Shiv­a­ji­rao Ban­gar, local cor­po­ra­tor who has kind­ly agreed to tak­ing imme­di­ate action and then resur­face this road. In case of any dif­fi­cul­ties from the Pune Munic­i­pal Cor­po­ra­tion, you may approach the Shri Ban­gar, cor­po­ra­tor, Aun­dh area.

  • AKS

    Under­ground wiring was done few months back on the road between Oxford Ele­gance soc. and Empire land­mark soc., in Kedari nagar, near salunke vihar road. The road was dug for this work and now, the sharp stones are still there on the road, there are ille­gal­ly parked vehi­cles in the same lane, due to which it has become a great trou­ble for the dai­ly com­muters in this area.

    The risk is major when big cars try to doge the sharp stones on the road as well as parked vehi­cles in the lane. School going kids also get injured when they fell down while walk­ing on this mud and stones. Walk­ing is not safe and most of the time, tyres of vehi­cle have got punchured.
    It would be so kind of you if some­one can look into this mat­ter.

    Thanks and Regards!
    Mr. A. Shaikh