Yawning to Compliment

I knew it, and it’s now proven: A yawn is actu­al­ly a com­pli­ment.

BBC Reports:

Yawn­ing may appear the height of rude­ness, but in fact your body is des­per­ate­ly try­ing to keep you awake, accord­ing to research from the US.

The com­mon wis­dom is that peo­ple yawn because they need oxy­gen, but the researchers at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Albany in New York said their exper­i­ments showed that rais­ing or low­er­ing oxy­gen and car­bon diox­ide lev­els in the blood did not pro­duce that reac­tion.

Their evi­dence sug­gest­ed instead that draw­ing in air helps cool the brain and helps it work more effec­tive­ly.

Yawn­ing there­fore delays sleep rather than pro­motes it.

The desire to yawn when oth­ers do so may also be a mech­a­nism to help a group stay alert in the face of dan­ger.

So the next time you are telling a sto­ry and a lis­ten­er yawns there is no need to be offend­ed — yawn­ing, a phys­i­o­log­i­cal mech­a­nism designed to main­tain atten­tion, turns out to be a com­pli­ment.

Boy, how I would like to enlight­en all my school teach­ers!

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