Leaning Minarets, Not-so-leaning Tower

The Lean­ing Tow­er of Pisa no longer leans quite so much after a £20 mil­lion project to save it was hailed a com­plete suc­cess yes­ter­day. The tow­er, which was on the verge of col­lapse, has been straight­ened by 18 inch­es (45 cen­time­tres) return­ing it to its 1838 posi­tion.

Did you know that the Tow­er is actu­al­ly curved, because its builders tried to com­pen­sate for its sub­si­dence dur­ing con­struc­tion?

Mean­while, plans for a sec­ond lean­ing tow­er are not only anger­ing res­i­dents, but received flak from the British engi­neer who helped save the orig­i­nal.

So, keep­ing aside our own obses­sion with fair­ness creams, when are we apply­ing the deep cleans­ing facial mud pack to the Taj? Unlike those oth­er fair­ness creams, this one is actu­al­ly proven to work!

Anoth­er fac­toid, in case you didn’t know: unlike the Tow­er of Pisa, which leans unin­ten­tion­al­ly, the Taj’s minarets lean out­wards inten­tion­al­ly, to pro­tect the main tomb in case of col­lapse. When I vis­it­ed the Taj Mahal in my child­hood, I was most fas­ci­nat­ed by this wis­dom of the archi­tects.

Cour­tesy Email by a friend:

Q. What did the Big Ben say to the Tow­er of Pisa?
A. I’ve the time if you’ve the incli­na­tion! 🙂

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