Updated navigation for travelogue

I was a novice blog­ger when I start­ed out post­ing my Spi­ti trav­el­ogue. Thanks to feed­back and com­ments, I’ve real­ized that it was very dif­fi­cult to actu­al­ly nav­i­gate through the trav­el­ogue. It even led to some folks think­ing that the “Intro­duc­tion” post was the whole trav­el­ogue itself! 🙂

They have only me to blame. I apol­o­gize. Now, I’ve added a nice index to the intro­duc­tion and added nav­i­ga­tion links to help

Thanks for the patience and bear­ing with me. Also, note that com­ments are enabled only for the first and last posts.

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