Xerox trumps Google in Natural Language Search

Researchers at Xerox’s Euro­pean R&D Cen­ter have devel­oped a new type of search tech­nol­o­gy, called FactSpot­ter, which can han­dle nat­ur­al human phras­es, and search for relat­ed results that include syn­onyms and pro­nouns with­in a doc­u­ment.

…typ­i­cal search engines dig through only 40% of rel­e­vant doc­u­ments in the course of a search query, sim­ply because the searcher didn’t input all the pos­si­ble key­words. In a search about state­ments made by Bill Gates on a cer­tain date, Segond says FactSpot­ter knows that that ‘Bill Gates’ is the same as ‘Microsoft Chair­man’, which is the same as ‘he’, and can dis­tin­guish between things said by him and things said to him.”

Wow…this could be real­ly inter­est­ing, though they’re only plan­ning to offer it for Enter­prise Search, to start with.

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  • this is amazing…lately, I have been feel­ing that google is stag­nat­ing on user expe­ri­ence front…although they’re includ­ing more ser­vices in their offer­ings