Knighthood to Rushdie may cause terrorism

Britain’s knight­hood to the author Salman Rushdie con­tributes to insult­ing Islam and may lead to ter­ror­ism, a Pak­istani min­is­ter has said. The min­is­ter in ques­tion is none oth­er than Zia-ul-Haq’s son, a well-known hard­lin­er.

Such actions are the root cause of ter­ror­ism”, Reli­gious Affairs Min­is­ter Ejaz-ul-Haq told par­lia­ment.

The min­is­ter lat­er said he had not meant to con­done or incite ter­ror­ism but ‘stress its ori­gins’.

This means: Free­dom of Expres­sion + Cre­ativ­i­ty => Ter­ror­ism. Heard any­thing as absurd or eth­i­cal­ly deplorable late­ly?

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  • Not at all sur­pris­ing. This com­ment was antic­i­pat­ed to come from mus­lim lead­ers around the world.