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I have consistently found a lot of traffic to my blog with searches related to INTJ. One of the reasons for this, I think, is that there is no good “Index” site for INTJs. One needs to search and then visit a lot of pages in an exploratory fashion to really get what you’re looking for. Hence this post.


1. I’m omitting all sites that are primarily commercial in nature or offer too many ads.

2. I’m sure INTJs will love a nice capsule of information like this. Before you leave this blog, if you find this useful, I request you take a moment to comment.

Because as this article states: “if too much feeling is suppressed, INTJs may build up pressure and find expression in inappropriate ways. Their feeling needs to be used constructively, such as through appreciation of other people. Given their talent for analysis, appreciation may be hard for INTJs, but they will find it helpful on the job as well as in personal relationships.” 🙂

3. Also, do read some of my posts related to INTJs.

INTJ Personality Profile

The classic profile description and functional analysis. Start here.

Portrait of an INTJ, also must read.

One of the most insightful descriptions at Murray State University.

INTJ on Wikipedia – says it all.

Descriptions of INTJs from a social perspective.

By now, you’ll have some questions. Does introvert mean shy? How to deal with INTJs? How about gender, sex, religion, profession?

Most of these are answered in this INTJ FAQ.

INTJ Relationships

Find out your strengths and weaknesses, and how you’re as a parent or a friend.

A badly designed site, nonetheless has some more ‘academic’ information.

Worth one-time visit, to check out how INTJs can contribute to a team, how they deal with stress, etc.

Worth one-time visit, to check out how Introverts deal with stress.


Revenge of the Introverts
“With the continuous enhancement of pagers, teleconferencing, cellular phones, and the development of personal communicators, a growing verbal inferno threatens to engulf the world’s quieter individuals. Yet, silent as they may be, introverts can have a lot to say given the right forum. They’ve found that the internet can help them communicate in their preferred manner; a written dialogue with time to pause for thought and analysis.”
An excellent article that sheds light on why introverts like INTJs prefer email to phone, among other things.

Introverts in an Extroverted World
An excellent article describing challenges faced by introverts, and tips for parents on how to raise an introverted child.


INTJ Love Tips
Few tips on love.

How to love an INTJ – Tips if your partner is an INTJ

Daily Life

Some down-to-earth descriptions of what it means to live as an INTJ. Astounding number of posts, but I don’t think that’s a problem for INTJs!


A moderately active forum of a community of about 220 INTJs.


Thanks to Pamela for the excellent Murray State University link.


Do please let me know through your comments if you find this useful. If it does prove useful, I’ll expand it. Thanks!



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  • haha! hello from another INTJ.

  • Jasleen

    This is amazing work on your part. You have put in quite a bit of effort into creating such a comprehensive page about INTJs. Keep it up:).

  • Jasleen – thanks for the comments! I find lot of people viewing this post and jumping to one of the links, but as you can see, very few commenting! 🙂

    Your comments are received with gratitude. I will keep enhancing this post to include anything new and useful I find for INTJs.

  • areskratos

    Greetings from a teenage INTJ (16 years old, to be precise).

    Great post, very insightful.

    I’m more of a musical type of INTJ. Can’t get enough of Thrash/Progressive Metal.

  • Areskratos: Thanks! I will definitely post more links on music related to INTJs if I find any…

  • thank you very much.its very good indeed

  • Thanks Mahendra, this is great! I’m an INTJ too. I lean a bit toward INFJ, as well. My T and F are closest of the pairs. I have written a lot of stuff on my site that may appeal to INTJ’s including a page specifically on personality types. It’s great to meet another INTJ, and thanks for putting those links together. You’re right it’s really sporadic trying to find INTJ resources. Same thing I noticed that led me to make my page.

  • Hey Howard, thanks a lot. Your writeup on personality types is quite encouraging. And yes, it is always good to meet another INTJ! 🙂

  • Mahendra,

    Thanks for the collection of links and resources – very interesting and useful. Your page is very attractively done, BTW.

  • Thanks, Embry! I wouldn’t take credit for the page design though – it is just a standard WordPress template.

  • Hi Mahendra, I came across your blog while trying to find more links to add to my own resource list on my forum:

    In particular I like Wayne State College’s profile which focuses on careers:

    Best Fit Type’s description at

    and this page which is split into 3 sections:,

  • Syd

    I found your site while looking for information that might help me understand the man I love better – he’s an INTJ. I am so impressed with the work you’ve done on this. I’m an INFJ and particularly loved the references for Introversion. Thanks!

  • Ichimonji10

    Hey there dudes. You wanted a comment out of me, eh? Well you got one… from an INTJ, of course. I enjoy all the links and dialogue, of course, and wanted to let you know you’re appreciated. So.

    Appreciate, appreciate, ra ra ra.

    There you go. Maybe I’ll be back, I can’t give you a good estimated probability right now. :p

  • Ichimonji10: thank you so much for visiting and commenting. Also, thanks for the appreciation. You know, we INTJs really do need to learn that art! 🙂

  • Thanks for the index. I found a few I haven’t seen before. It doesn’t seem like much ongoing work or research is being made available on types in general, which is disappointing.

  • gab!

    hello hello from a teenage INTJ. 14 to be presise. I am quite into arts and english, but as mostly potrayed also science.

    the whole ‘ no feelings’ or ‘hides feelings’ thing doesnt cum naturally. i was mafe this way through poor friendships and a tough yet not bad enoug hto complain child hood.

  • Tracey: Thanks! You are right – it seems this field of research has gone out of favor. Unfortunate, isn’t it?

    Gab: I’m not sure if the hiding feeling aspect of an INTJ’s personality comes out of one’s upbringing or out of one’s basic personality. While both factors are obviously at play, study suggests that INTJs tend to suppress their feelings.

  • Dragontongue

    Thanks! This was really helpful. I appreciate all the work you put into it.
    I think that, with me, the hiding feeling thing is just personality, but of course I can’t speak for anyone else. 🙂


  • shilpa

    it is difficult to be an intj especially if you are a female in india cos the normal behaviour of an intj is considered to be wierd and most often we get treated like a social outcast…i always thought i was a bit different which prompted me to understand my personality and if that was normal …i took the online test when i read the description of intj i felt it did fit me pretty well and has helped me to understand myself and others!!!

  • Dragontongue: Thanks! It is great when people acknowledge the effort I put behind this. I wish you all the best as an INTJ!

    Shilpa: Yes, I can understand. Being an INTJ in India would be quite difficult. A social outcast – you bet! Even as male, I get such a treatment, I can only imagine how it must be for a female. Understandin yourself and others is the key, as you’ve rightly pointed out.

  • thank you

  • How wonderful to have found you and all these resources on being an INTJ. I stumbled upon you through a link on another blog. Your blog looks quite interesting, and I look forward to exploring.

  • Erin, LazyBuddhist – thank you!

  • Mahendra, are you aware of the Forer effect?

  • Fazin Ummer

    thnx buddy..
    saved lot of time for me…
    really appreciate ure hardwok..

  • ema

    yeah, Mahendra, finding your blog for the first time, too late i think, i’ve read a lot from some other sites describing intj; but thanks anyway. im not the one considered weird who can only
    deal with idiocy. it’s not substantially different with in India that here in Java, living as an intj is really challenging, and i love it.. 🙂

  • pete

    A very heartfelt thank you!! (from another INTJ)

  • Maya

    nicely organised resources list!
    much appreciated,

  • Pamela

    Is there any kind of ongoing studies for female INTJ personalities?

  • its curious to see people introducing them as INTJs. like in OS, a lot of people will say, “I am bipolar” or I have a child that is so … gregarious instinct makes us do this or what? why do we want more and to belong all the time?
    this is a lovely insight on your part to put it all together like this – ascribes lovely at-a-glance resource value to your page, bookmarking it therefore 🙂

  • how come I cdnt back to that old post on INTJ again yesterday, I think I tried a the links. where is that old post or link?
    I want to take that test again I think I have changed 😉 at least nature of the work I do has, and I find I respond differently, think differently from the time I had been teaching

  • I’m sorry I can’t help you. You might want to try the iNTJ category (under Psychology) from the Category drop down box in the sidebar…

  • Good start…

  • Thanks, Robin. I guess without asking for donations, it is. 😉

  • Mahendra
    Thanks for the useful links. A Hi from another INTJ

    • Sesha,

      Hi, and you’re welcome! Thanks for dropping by.

  • danielle

    thank you so much for the condensed info. I have recently found out (by a professonial) that i am an INTJ. Your information was very useful to me. I am able to see my actions and reactions somewhat clearer with the knowledge of understanding my personality. And to think this whole time I thought of myself as just an odd thanks again.


  • LW

    Hi, thanks for the good info. I test INTJ most often, but have found that I occasionally test INFJ if I’ve had a particularly emotional time in my life, such as the loss of a loved one, or some such influence. So to me, this inconsistency actually adds validity to the test, and seems somehow to be a nod toward an ultimate truth to our humanness; I don’t believe we can be found to be consistently one dimensional on any scale at all times… and if we are, I question if the test itself is too rational and needs more empirical support. I have found that many report that they have experienced consistent results on this test. Consistency is thought to correlate with general mental health. Correlation is not causation, however!

    I think one needs a little inconsistency and flexibility to have resilience in a dynamic environment. i.e., Here’s to a little craziness! perhaps acknowledge and foster in ourselves more emotionality? Creativity and irrational thinking? To use those capacities seems adaptive, even though we can certainly get through our days without them. We exert a great deal of control over our environments to support, justify, and maintain our dispositions…leading to avoidant personality, which also likely correlates with INTJ types. Familiarity with ourselves and our environments feel safe. It’s difficult to step out of our comfort zones, and say for instance, associate with others with whom we have nothing in common, and come away feeling taxed.

    I wonder… to fully embrace and appreciate all aspects of this phenomenon called “life” as a human being, shouldn’t we hope to be less rigid than consistently testing INTJ? Anyone else ever find a different result during a particularly poignant time in their life? Would make for an interesting cross validation of my theory that we are not so consistent, and the test is inherently flawed in some way for this reason… If a person truly is so rigid, then they’re likely to be less than satisfied with this and consider it to be facticity. Rather than finding any way to change it, they seek to accomodate. At a certain point, that would put them even further deviance from societal norms than the 1% to 3% currently projected. I know I often feel like I must be weird!! 🙂 I fully embrace my weirdness though, and try to overcome some of my rational judgements about others… it makes for a far richer experience of all that life has to offer. I highly recommend it to any INTJ who experiences the loneliness and frustration of seeing so much that doesn’t seem to make sense.