Orkut anti-Shiv Sena community flourishes after recent Sena violence

I had found 270 mem­bers in Orkut’s “I Hate Shiv Sena” com­mu­ni­ty when I wrote about Cher­ish­ing Indi­an Democ­ra­cy. Today, the same com­mu­ni­ty has 555 mem­bers. In one week, the strength of the com­mu­ni­ty has dou­bled!

This is what’s called the “The Streisand Effect”:

…has become anoth­er vic­tim of the “Streisand effect,” an increas­ing­ly com­mon back­lash that occurs when some­one tries to muz­zle infor­ma­tion on the Web. When the Streisand effect takes hold, con­tra­band doesn’t dis­ap­pear qui­et­ly. Instead, it infects the online com­mu­ni­ty in a pan­dem­ic of free-speech-fueled defi­ance, gain­ing far more atten­tion than it would have, had the information’s orig­i­nal own­ers sim­ply kept qui­et.”

The arti­cle also shows what a dif­fi­cult time sites like YouTube are hav­ing to respond to true legal vio­la­tions.

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  • The out­gra­geous behav­iour of Shiv Sena was suf­fi­cient to pub­li­cise the com­mu­ni­ty!

  • I joined the com­mu­ni­ty after they attacked the cyber­cafe…

    They have just pro­voked many of us…

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  • I con­tin­ue to enjoy your blog. I, how­ev­er, note that there is no way I can email you through your blog. Maybe that is going to be a use­ful add-on. As for me, I hope to con­tin­ue using humor and pun (at http://www.bramana.blogspot.com) as weapons to expose the creeps around! Hope it becomes part of your ‘Blogs I Read’ list! 😉

  • mayank
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  • Dylan

    Where there is Love, There is Hate.
    Deal with it.

    Imag­ine Mr. xyz, excit­ed in his seat with the grow­ing “I love xyz” & “xyz rules!!!” com­mu­ni­ties and if there are any “I hate xyz” com­mu­ni­ty.. he will do almost any­thing to bring it down!! and he also has the pow­er.. will even use vio­lence.. Vain.. I feel so help­less about this.

  • Win­di­an

    I basi­cal­ly hate shiv­se­na because
    a) Par­ty have ambi­gu­i­ty in their action and
    b) They feel the right to com­ment on any­one with
    their foul lan­guage but can’t take it.
    c) Their basic move­ment about marathi manoos is
    wrong ( i too am marathi).
    d) They are bunch of hooli­gans cre­at­ing hor­ror and
    men­ace every­where.
    e) They are spoil­ing a gen­er­a­tion, as most of
    shiv­sainiks from sub­urbs are noth­ing but idle
    sit­ting youths in the streets.
    f) They demand con­trol but don’t want to prove
    g) Shiv­sainiks are noth­ing but bunch of peo­ple
    1) sit­ting idle when doing noth­ing.
    2) Destroy­ing pub­lic and pri­vate prop­er­ty
    3) Nev­er adapt right­eous method to protest.
    4) Just claim that they take the charge of
    marathi manoos move­ment but haven’t done
    any­thing for them.
    e) They wor­ship the leader rather than par­ty prin­ci­ples ( though this is the case with most of the par­ties in india) but they are extreme.

    • Win­di­an, That’s a nice sum­ma­ry! 🙂