Solar Eclipse on Earth!

Here is what the Earth looks like dur­ing a solar eclipse.

Amaz­ing pho­to, thanks to Ink Ram­bles for the link!

You know what, I think all the ter­ror­ists, reli­gious fun­da­men­tal­ists, extrem­ists, and so on, should be made to sit inside a room and watch the Astron­o­my Pic­tures of the Day, one after the oth­er, day after days, months after months. Will that make them learn our place in the uni­verse, the fragili­ty of the earth, and how alone (at least at present) we are as human beings in this uni­verse? Will it make them shed their vio­lence, and learn to live in peace?

I’m sure Carl Sagan, if he were alive today, would’ve per­son­al­ly orches­trat­ed the whole show.

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  • Good idea. Anoth­er thing we could do — show them videos of them­selves behav­ing vio­lent­ly. In slow motion. Again and again. Its pos­si­ble they will prob­a­bly beat us up and break the tv and dvd play­er in the bar­gain. Once they do that, show them videos of them doing that.
    And so on.
    I cant resist. can i?

  • Krishashok: 🙂 I should’ve expect­ed it!

  • Pic­ture is good…

    But your idea seems more inter­est­ing.

  • I don’t think it would help. You can’t chal­lenge someone’s basic iden­ti­ty. For exam­ple, tomor­row, if some­one tries to teach a snake not to bite or a dog to keep his tail straight, will it work?

  • Well, I was work­ing on the assump­tion that as human beings, we have the capa­bil­i­ty to learn, grow, and thus change, unlike snakes and dogs. But there’s a premise there (that spec­i­mens enu­mer­at­ed are human beings), which may itself need more scruti­ny! 🙂