Stolen Content Removed by MySpace!

I had writ­ten ear­li­er about how a MySpace user had pla­gia­rized my poem, post­ing it with­out any acknowl­edg­ment.

I report­ed the copy­right vio­la­tion to MySpace (with­out being a MySpace user myself), and vio­la! I received this in email:

Copy­Righ­tA­gent <>
May 30, 2007

Via E-Mail

Ref­er­ence is made to your email below dat­ed May 28, 2007.

Please be advised that the con­tent in ques­tion has been removed from the web­site, as request­ed by your let­ter.

This let­ter does not pur­port to respond to all of the alle­ga­tions and state­ments set forth in your cor­re­spon­dence to us. MySpace, Inc. express­ly reserves all of its rights and defens­es in con­nec­tion with this mat­ter, and noth­ing here­in or in any con­duct by MySpace, Inc. may be con­strued as admis­sion of wrong­do­ing by MySpace, Inc.


Con­clu­sion: Do not tol­er­ate any­one steal­ing your con­tent!

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  • Well done, good to see myspace act­ing on it too…

  • Mayank


  • some­one removed my whole pro­file that i had post­ed on myspace a week ago i tried to make a new one ‚but it says i have to delete the old one first ican’t even pull up the old one to delete it can you help me my address was and my pass­word was ****** please help me thank you mar­garet fos­hie