Content Stolen From My Blog to MySpace

A vis­it to Tech­no­rati took me by sur­prise today morn­ing: In Blog Reac­tions, there was this MySpace blog from some­one named Michael, who had post­ed a poem from my blog in his, with­out any acknowl­edge­ment of me, the author.

There was no com­ment on my poem post, no acknowl­edge­ment on his blog, just a sim­ple copy & paste. I won­der how Tech­no­rati clas­si­fies his post as a “Blog Reac­tion”, since there is no link or track­back or any­thing from his post to my blog.

I read Lorelle’s excel­lent guide to “What to do when some­one steals your con­tent?”, and Step No. 1 is to con­tact the thief.

Now, how do I con­tact this per­son? MySpace doesn’t let me send a mes­sage, or leave a com­ment on the pla­gia­rized con­tent, unless I sign up with their site first! Now, I am not at all inter­est­ed in sign­ing up with MySpace, so how do I con­tact and warn the thief on MySpace? I am send­ing him a track­back with this post as a last resort — I don’t know if MySpace blogs sup­port track­backs.

Here’s my orig­i­nal poem, Unfin­ished Sym­pho­ny, post­ed on 20th April 2007.

Here’s Michael’s pla­gia­rized post, on 14th May 2007.

Has this hap­pened to you before? Any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

May 31 Update: The stolen con­tent has been removed by MySpace. See my updat­ed post.

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  • inkram­bles

    This hasn’t hap­pened to me that I know of. It is a risk any time you put your work on the inter­net. Talk about pure pla­garism. Thats pret­ty brash, but he prob­a­bly nev­er imag­ined you would catch him.

    I just want to encour­age you that get­ting a myspace account is very easy. I have one for myself and my cat! His is It’s kind of fun and quirky.

    You can get a gmail account and open a myspace account very eas­i­ly. It might be worth it in case this hap­pens again. If you need any help I would be hap­py to do it. Just com­ment my blog.


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  • Bernie,

    Thanks a lot for the advice and com­ments! My point was that I should be able to do some­thing about this *with­out* sign­ing up for a par­tic­u­lar site! And I did find the answer I was look­ing for.

    I con­firmed that MySpace con­sid­ers me as the copy­right own­er of a poem I com­pose, and has a way for non-MySpac­ers to report copy­right vio­la­tions on their site. Their FAQ entry is at regard­ing “How to report copy­right vio­la­tions”.

    I’ve done the need­ful and will now wait to see what hap­pens! Once again, thanks for the sup­port!

  • inkram­bles

    Excel­lent! So glad you worked it out.


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