Ants: Miracle Workers!

A sci­en­tif­ic study of the team­work of army ants has dis­cov­ered how they are pre­pared to let their fel­low ants walk all over them to get the job done.

Sci­en­tists from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Bris­tol observed that, when ants were for­ag­ing on rough ter­rain, some of them used their own bod­ies to plug pot­holes. They even chose which of them was the best fit to lie across each hole.

Read the BBC’s report, or the more detailed Belfast Telegraph’s one.

This is absolute­ly mind-bog­gling!

When the ants bump into a hole they can­not cross, they edge their way around it and then spread their legs and wob­ble back and forth to check their fit.

If they are too big, then they car­ry on and anoth­er ant will come along and mea­sure itself in the same way. This car­ries on until an appro­pri­ate­ly sized ant plugs the hole.”

I was won­der­ing what we humans can learn from this, when I received this “What does Friend­ship mean?” email for­ward:


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