26 Cognitive Biases You Never Knew You Had

Thanks to Bernie, who empathized with the pla­gia­rism of my poem, I stum­bled upon this excel­lent list!

A cog­ni­tive bias is some­thing that our minds com­monly do to dis­tort our own view of reality.

More inter­est­ingly, “you’ll never be able to truly gauge any of the biases you might be oper­at­ing under since it’s not pos­si­ble to accu­rately observe a sys­tem you’re part of.

I have one sug­gested addi­tion to the list, which is more a corol­lary to “Endow­ment effect — the ten­dency for peo­ple to value some­thing more as soon as they own it.” You got it, the Dis­endow­ment effect — the ten­dency for peo­ple to value some­thing less as soon as they’ve sold or given it away”! :-)

Also, do you think iNTjs are vul­ner­a­ble to “Infor­ma­tion bias — the ten­dency to seek infor­ma­tion even when it can­not affect action?

Here are the 26 most stud­ied and widely accepted cog­ni­tive biases: “26 Rea­sons What You Think is Right is Wrong”.

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