Biryani and Mahatma Gandhi

“I remember my first week in india. I could not even drink water. Everything tasted so spicy to me. I went hungry for three days until a friend whom I had come with found out this hotel called Paradise. They specialise in serving biryani. From my first taste of that dish I can’t pass that hotel whenever I’m in that area.

Although it was a bit spicy as one would expect, but that is something I was ready to bear, considering the fact that I was hungry for days and that the aroma of the food could have awoken even Mahatma Gandhi from his grave. It had such a strong and fresh aroma of different spices that was so soothing to the taste buds, I actually forgot the burning on my tongue until I finished eating.”

What a humorous, unselfconsciously innocent expression!

Read the full account here!

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  • kenna4uindia

    lol. well you should have eaten the food, im sure you would have felt the same, from where i come, hot spices are a punishment if served in food. thanks