Basket of Crabs: Socialist Economy

Received this in an email for­ward, and it’s quite enlight­en­ing!

Remind­ed me of the bas­ket of crab the­o­ry: if you have a bas­ket full of live crabs, you don’t need to cov­er the lid! You know why?

Well, the one crab that tries to climb up the wall of the bas­ket is pulled down by the rest of the crabs!

Isn’t this rep­re­sen­ta­tive of a social­ist econ­o­my? The more you make mon­ey, the more every­body else is going to pull you down. So let’s all of us keep liv­ing in the bas­ket…?

It is said that the Indi­an econ­o­my for decades has been reel­ing under this phe­nom­e­non, but things may be
chang­ing, hope­ful­ly for the bet­ter!

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