The Terminal — For Real

Reuters reports a TOI sto­ry about two Bangladeshi men strand­ed at New Delhi’s Indi­ra Gand­hi Inter­na­tion­al Air­port for 48 days, a.k.a. the pop­u­lar Tom Hank’s movie, The Ter­mi­nal. If you think this is bizarre, hold your breath…

Did you know the movie was sup­pos­ed­ly inspired by the real-life sto­ry of an Iran­ian refugee, Mehran Kari­mi Nasseri, who
“lived” in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle air­port for 18 (yes eigh­teen) years?

Read his amaz­ing sto­ry at Wikipedia.

Over the years, Nasseri had become accus­tomed to his life in the air­port ter­mi­nal. He kept him­self clean and rose at 5 a.m. every morn­ing to wash in the pub­lic toi­lets. The air­port staff some­times washed his clothes for him and had donat­ed a sofa for his use. He spent most of the day lis­ten­ing to the radio, read­ing books and writ­ing his diary. This diary has been turned into an auto­bi­og­ra­phy, The Ter­mi­nal Man, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with British author, Andrew Donkin. The Ter­mi­nal Man has been pub­lished in the UK, Ger­many, Poland, Japan, and Chi­na. The book was reviewed in the Lon­don Sun­day Times as “a pro­found­ly dis­turb­ing and bril­liant book.”

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