Capitalist Eloquence

Nir­malya Kumar, Pro­fes­sor of Mar­ket­ing at Lon­don Busi­ness School, and a renowed mar­ket­ing guru:

Q: Do you think the growth of retail­ers — like Reliance, etc — and the advent of big­gies like Wal-Mart could kill the small gro­cer or kirana shop in India? A: It’s very sim­ple: no com­peti­tor can kill anoth­er com­peti­tor. A com­peti­tor gets killed only when the cus­tomers stop vis­it­ing him. Because of India’s social­ist and com­mu­nist struc­ture, we think com­pa­nies kill each oth­er. Actu­al­ly, it is the con­sumers who choose which com­pa­nies to go to. No big retail­er can kill the kirana shops. Their fate rests with the con­sumers.“Read the full inter­view on Red­iff. There was also an online chat with him few days back, if you’re real­ly inter­est­ed in the Indi­an retail sce­nario.

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