Kashmir dispute a result of Pakistan splitting into Bangladesh?

Ramachan­dra Guha’s book “India after Gand­hi” releas­es tomor­row. It has received glow­ing reviews (see Guardian Unlimited’s review, The Independent’s review, and the Out­look cov­er sto­ry book extract.

I watched CNBCTV18’s India Tonight show with Karan Tha­par and Ram, in which the dis­cus­sion led to an inter­est­ing hypothe­ses: that the divi­sion of Pak­istan into two by India fur­ther aggra­vat­ed the Kash­mir issue, as Pak­istan intel­lec­tu­al elite believed that sep­a­rat­ing Kash­mir from India would be a fit­ting response.

I had nev­er heard of this before. What do you think?

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