How (the hell) did my blog rank 5th in Google?

Regard­ing Google page rank­ing, it is well-known that:

  •  Google gives poor rank­ings to new web sites
  • It has high­er page ranks for sites that have a lot of qual­i­ty incom­ing links
  • It mon­i­tors traf­fic, so that sites with high­er traf­fic have high­er page ranks

Now, con­sid­er that:

  • I start­ed my blog site on 20th April (less than 2 weeks ago)
  • My blog has ZERO incom­ing links (as of now)
  • The traf­fic on my blog is less than a hun­dred vis­i­tors per day

In this sit­u­a­tion, I was shocked when I casu­al­ly searched for “colony col­lapse dis­or­der update” on Google and found my blog to be the 5th result on the 1st page! Here’s a snap­shot:

Note: The “Per­son­al­ized Results” refer to the restric­tion of results to Eng­lish.

Why are these age-old truths about Google page rank­ing not work­ing in this case? What else is push­ing my blog posts up the rank­ing order? Any insights would cer­tain­ly be appre­ci­at­ed!

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  • I think you are for­get­ting the most impor­tant fac­tor here…

    First and fore­most is the con­tent, tags, title ofthe page that is con­sid­ered…

    your page’s con­tent match­es the key­words typed in…and that is the most impor­tant factor…the place­ment of ‘the key­words’ (here, colony col­lapse dis­or­der update) on YOUR page…

    all that lorelle has men­tioned comes lat­er on…placing the right key­words at the right places (title, con­tent, tags, etc.) is a part of what is called Seach Engine Opti­miza­tion…

    cor­rect me if I am wrong…

  • Hi Pareen,

    Yes, page con­tent does mat­ter, of course, but the SEO experts seem to sug­gest that new sites and sites hav­ing no incom­ing links may be ignored by Google (irre­spec­tive of con­tent). That’s why I was sur­prised.

    But I think your point is prov­ing cor­rect — look­ing at the search terms peo­ple are using to come to my blog, it does seem that con­tent rules, after all! 🙂

    Thanks for shar­ing your thoughts,

  • Even I was a bit sur­prised last month (when the same hap­pened on my blog) and had con­sult­ed a few expe­ri­enced blog­gers about it…

  • I will tell you why you site ranked for those key words: if you look around the web, you will find that there are hard­ly no oth­er sites with that key­word. That makes yours stand out.

    Here’s an exam­ple: if I google the title of my blog post, I’m very like­ly to be ranked #1 for my post title key­word because there’s like­ly to be no oth­er site with the exact key­word.

    Now, that’s some­thing you should chew over.