Walmart, Wade Rathake,

While Wade Rathke is mobi­liz­ing an anti-Wal­mart cam­paign in India — to “fight for the rights of the poor” and “pro­tect small busi­ness­es and com­mu­ni­ties” — a dif­fer­ent group of small busi­ness­es has a dif­fer­ent way of
respond­ing to the cor­po­rate big-busi­ness “threat”.

Small chemist shops across India, who’ve enjoyed a monop­oly all these years, are gear­ing up to big phar­ma com­pa­nies
oper­at­ing chemist stores with val­ue added ser­vices. They’ve hired none oth­er than E&Y and Accen­ture to “mod­ern­ize their tra­di­tion­al chemist out­lets”. Now, would any­one argue whether this is good or bad for con­sumers?

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  • these guys still want to live in 1980s…

    even if after so many years of pro­tect­ed econ­o­my, if these retail­ers (phar­ma or gen­er­al stores) can­not evolve so much that they can (at least) sur­vive in their home­ground — where they know the cus­tomers first-hand — they have no right to sur­vive…

  • Pareen: You said it!