Unfinished Symphony

Con­fu­sions galore
Mis­un­der­stand­ings unlim­it­ed
Com­mu­ni­ca­tion furor
Rela­tion­ship lim­it­ed

Hearts bro­ken
Emo­tions ris­ing
Promis­es bro­ken
Tem­pers ris­ing

Eyes wet
Gen­i­tals dry
Chil­dren fret
Peo­ple cry

Insou­ciance abounds
Cold­ness con­ta­gious
Harsh words
Atti­tudes pre­ten­tious

Silence, dead­lock
Icy dark­ness
Chime of the clock
Emp­ty lone­li­ness

Deep with­in
Chil­dren, All
Lies there­in
Inno­cence above all

Unex­pressed affec­tion
Unsyn­chro­nized har­mo­ny
Untouched souls
Unfin­ished sym­pho­ny…

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