Spiti Travelogue: Day 14

Back Where We Began: Home sweet home at last!

All this time, the wheels of our train were con­stant­ly bring­ing us clos­er and clos­er to our home. At last, we reached Pune! Wher­ev­er you go in the world, there is no place like home! More­over, after such an extra­or­di­nary trip, this was as true as ever.

We wait­ed to devel­op our film rolls, and share them and our expe­ri­ences with friends and fam­i­ly. I decid­ed to write this trav­el­ogue because I felt too many things were miss­ing from ver­bal nar­ra­tives. It has been a dif­fer­ent plea­sure alto­geth­er to write about our trip.

We all met again on the week­end when all of us were in Pune — recount­ing our mem­o­ries, reliv­ing our expe­ri­ences, shar­ing our thoughts and plan­ning for future trips back to the Himalayas…


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  • Hi Mahen­dra,

    I am hap­py to know that you enjoyed my blog… as I did yours, about Spi­ti. I also reliv­ed my trip to Spi­ti in 2004 via your blog. It was a nice 3 week long trip for me, in which i trekked a lot. Going alone can be lot of fun, as i found.. and i guess you too had fun there with friends. You write a hun­dred times bet­ter than me, and you write a lot, where­as i am too lazy… I too was hop­ing to write about my spi­ti, bhutan, kedar taal, and oth­er trips… god knows when that day will come…

    I have been to Chan­drataal now 4 times, and now i am total­ly fed up with it. its been total­ly com­mer­cial­ized, with the road reach­ing the lake total­ly now, as i found out in july 2006. Bet­ter not go there now. Spend time going to Mane lake in Spi­ti, or Tso Moriri, Tso Kar, or Pan­gong in Ladakh.

    This was sup­posed to be a mail or a com­ment i don’t know… couldn’t find ur mail address… Keep blog­ging.. you are good at it… will read ur oth­er stuff too one day.. busy right now…


  • Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for your com­ments and com­pli­ments!

    And my good­ness, I didn’t know about all these changes near Chandrataal…couldn’t even imag­ine! What a waste…thanks so much for the updates, real­ly appre­ci­ate it.

    Look for­ward to read­ing more of your blog too…

    Cheers, Mahen­dra

  • Just fin­ished read­ing the entire trav­el­og. It was a nos­tal­gic feel­ing. Very nice­ly done, con­grats:) Some of my detailed trav­el sto­ries are here: http://priyank.com/weblog/travelogs/

  • Thanks, Priyank! I will go through your trav­el­ogs soon…!

  • Dr. K.C.Prashar

    Con­grats, Mahen­dra. A very well edit­ed write up, this Spti trav­el­ogue.

    The pho­tographs are good, par­tic­u­lar­ly those snapped indoors in that they cap­ture all minute details of gom­pas. Kye monas­to­ry pho­to­graph is mys­ti­cal. If only the entire back­ground moun­tain had gone shad­ed, Ah!

  • Dr. Prashar: thank you very much for the com­pli­ments! I’m glad you enjoyed read­ing my trav­el­ogue. You are right in a way, if the Ki monastery back­ground would’ve been com­plete­ly shad­ed it would’ve made a bet­ter cap­ture, but I don’t know if the light would have been suf­fi­cient in that case.

    Yes, indeed it is mys­ti­cal. It was a hyp­not­ic sight. I wish I could’ve cap­tured more pho­tos! That was dif­fi­cult sine we were trav­el­ing in the jeep, when I clicked this one snap.

    And as I men­tioned, some of the monastery inte­ri­ors were not vis­i­ble to us when we were there. We only saw them when we devel­oped the pho­tographs after­wards! 🙂 Thanks again for your com­ments.

  • bendtherulz

    Greet­ings Mahen­dra,
    Whow you write so well and words were in such flow­ing man­ner­ism. I enjoyed read­ing your Spi­ti trek details. When it came to Chan­dratal part — I real­ly got excit­ed as I so much want to vis­it that part…however the com­ment made by Nitin is so disheartening…yikes…!
    I haven’t been able to find a trav­el­ling part­ner till now for Spiti…so I think next year it will be just me.. !! I think I will be tak­ing all the notes from your narration…hope its ok.
    I can spend hours and hours read­ing about trav­el bits…so will check out your Himalaya post as well, some­time lat­er though — today com­plet­ing all 14 parts in one go…was good!
    Keep writ­ing…
    Peace always ~

  • Greet­ings, bendtherulz!

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed read­ing it.

    Yes, Nitin’s update is quite dis­heart­en­ing. As he sug­gest­ed, you should prob­a­bly check out oth­er options.

    It’s quite shock­ing you’re not find­ing a part­ner! Just post on a few Indi­an group trav­el sites and you’ll find tak­ers.

    Absolute­ly no prob­lem with tak­ing notes or print­outs from my trav­el­ogue for per­son­al use. I would be glad if its of any help to oth­er trav­el­ers!

    Keep vis­it­ing, I’ll keep writ­ing 🙂 Peace.

    • Greet­ings Mahen­dra,

      Tremen­dous­ly writ­ten, explained every aspects so mag­i­cal­ly that I thought I am trav­el­ling with you all the time. Hats off to you for it. In the mean­while could you please let me know the best time to vis­it Spi­ti and if pos­si­ble some mon­e­tary esti­mate as well.
      Keep writ­ing, u r best at it.
      Wish you luck.