Spiti Travelogue: Day 11

Serene Solang: Relax­ation before the return jour­ney begins

The quaint­ness and soli­tude of this town attract­ed me tremen­dous­ly. It was a place where artists of all kinds could swathe in the beau­ty of nature and reju­ve­nate their cre­ative pow­ers. Our hotel own­er, Sohan Lal, him­self was a mas­ter of sev­er­al arts. He knit beau­ti­ful car­pets and blan­kets with ornate designs. He had built the hotel fur­ni­ture on his own. He was also an excel­lent cook, and we enjoyed his del­i­ca­cies so much that we did not eat any­where else.

His eldest son was India’s nation­al ski cham­pi­on. All his sons and daugh­ters had won innu­mer­able medals and tro­phies in many win­ter Olympics. Yet, he was so hum­ble, serv­ing us tea/coffee and meals with rev­er­ence. I won­dered whether humil­i­ty was an innate trait in the peo­ple of this region because of the pow­er­ful forces of nature that dwarfed man here…

Friendship Lodge Solang

Sohan Lal with his son and his children’s numer­ous tro­phies adorn­ing the shelves…

Today was a day of rest and relax­ation before we began our return jour­ney. We strolled to the Kullu/Manali for­est range, the pro­tect­ed for­est area. We dis­cov­ered a small tem­ple, built recent­ly, bedecked with wood­en bells and intri­cate wood­en carv­ings. This would be our last day for scenic pho­tog­ra­phy, so Vidisha was busy click­ing close-ups of flow­ers and I cap­tur­ing the snow-clad peaks around.

Friendship Hotel in Solang

Friend­ship Hotel in Solang

We wan­dered around aim­less­ly that day, with no pur­pose, goal, or des­ti­na­tion. I felt as if yesterday’s paraglid­ing was an orgas­mic cli­max of days upon days of relent­less adven­ture and build­ing ten­sion.

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